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FIT offers a list of unique services starting from IDEA
to FAME, and real SUCCESS

No Matter what your project is about, and how expert you are, we offer a list of supporting services to make your idea unique and successful, by sharing our experience and knowledge

Studies & analysis

IDEA , Market, Competitors, SWOT, Marketing & branding with many other analysis and studies that give you detailed vision to better decide before starting your journey of success.
With a documented proof of concept Our R&D Team will help you decide either to start or not and may help you to improve the Concept.

Technical requirements

Once you decide to start, Writing SRS and deciding which technology to be used is the most important step.
FIT technical TEAM will help you writing the detailed requirements including every single aspect of your project, inputs and outputs, considering future updates, modifications and income channels. 
                     (WE DON’T CODE)

Kick-off and follow-up

Contracting with the selected development Company is tricky tricky, not only the legal conditions can support you, but many terms should be highlighted based on your needs and future security,
Along with our legal Consultants we will cooperate to write the proper contract. and by SPRINT Follow up FIT team will secure the future of your success 

victory MODELs

Before you start presenting your unique project and new solution, you should know how to operate it, thus you should have many start-up flexible models to refer to. 
So, as FIT experts extremely understand your needs just like you, we will help writing your business &  operation models, follow up and expansion model, required staff and their tasks  


As you know, Marketing is more than just Advertising, its the most important daily task that may Consume your budget and could take up-to 60-70% of your investment.
FIT Marketing geeks will help deciding WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW to market, defining each marketing aspect you will need and reducing the expenses while increasing the ROI. 

Follow-up & follow-through

in-order to ensure the continued Success, FIT experts may help you follow-up the plans and follow-through your victory.
Considering FIT Staff as a dedicated department of quality assurance, you may not find someone who understand your day-to-day tasks and processes more than those who know the field and work on such projects, 

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For those who want VICTORY done the right way

We have 50+ collective years of professional experience

On a constantly changing market, it can sometimes be difficult to find a trusted partner. And when you analyze the services of an agency, you have to take into account several aspects – experience, diversity, prices, opinions of other tourists.

With over 50-years of collective experience..

Not only in Mobile application development but also in marketing, business development, market and business analysis.

Based on our partner’s (Client’s) needs we dedicate the right experts even if we need consult 3rd party experts, we won’t hesitate to learn more everyday,,

Our clients are the most important source of knowledge, so we conduct periodic brain storming sessions internally and with our clients. to learn more whenever it is possible

Always available for assistance

Affordable services

Customers are the core of our mission

WE constantly, transparently and generously share our knowledge and many useful information, so keep visiting our site to know more everyday


They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

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Happy Memories from our Clients

Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY!

A wonderful experience, attentive staff and always at the disposal of tourists / clients. During the stay, we had only beautiful things, attentive staff, impeccable accommodation, food and beverages, from varied categories, for all tastes. Performances and evening entertainment both on the beach at the ocean and at the pools during the day.

Rand M. Fatayer

I had an unexpectedly successful holiday. The choice of hotel was very good, being one that offers everything you need for a pleasant holiday. The staff was very receptive, kind and attentive. The food was great for everyone. Transport to the most important points of interest was free of charge. Thank you Neve Agency for a wonderful holiday.

Ola B. Abuljebain

I always stayed away from the Swiss resorts. Every winter I went to local slopes or the ones in Austria. I never wanted to spend a fortune on skiing. Out of curiosity I turned to Neve Agency and I spent for skiing in Switzerland as much as I did in Austria, although the Swiss alpine décor would have deserved spending much more.

Abdullah Dossary

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